second semester, second year

The Digital Age is great but I must admit, it’s a shame that most of the photographs we take will remain hidden on our electronic devices, never to be seen again apart from those odd, nostalgic moments when we sit and scroll aimlessly. Of course, I (and everyone else) will continue to use digital cameras and phones but I am partial to going old skool, splashing out on a disposible camera every now and then. They remind me so much of going on school trips when I was wee child and it’s refreshing to use them up over a period of time, forget what was documented and then reminisce over all your previous antics.

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Ah, I must admit I have been rather slack with this blog lately and this post is long overdue! All the way back in February, J and I flew from Edinburgh to Paris to be reunited with our wonderful ex-flatmate and Edinburgh exchange student, L, who calls Rouen, Normandy, her home. Over a few days the three of us indulged in far too much cheese and spent an alarming amount of time in front of L’s fireplace, catching up on all that has happened since we parted ways last  June.

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