Hello there, thanks for stumbling across my blog and taking time out of your day to read this.

It’s proving to be surprisingly difficult to write a summary of myself and I’m not too sure where to begin, so let’s start with the basics. My name is Betty and I am a 20 year old History and Chinese student at Edinburgh University. Having lived in a small, seaside town in South West England for as long as I can remember (too long), last September I waved goodbye to the family abode and said hello to the land of kilts, haggis and Irn Bru, making Edinburgh my new home.

I have an insatiable craving to experience the world, one mouthful at a time, and am constantly planning the next trip. Aside from my travels, this space with be a platform for me to share the food I’ve been eating,the music I’ve been listening to and the random thoughts which have crossed my mind in the early hours of the morning.

Let’s hope I haven’t put you off…

Betty x



Any comments, queries or criticisms?

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