lost in beijing #pollution

Beijing, is known for many things; Peking duck, the 2008 Olympics, the Great Wall and unfortunately, the toxic smog which often enshrouds the city. Having lived in a small seaside town for the majority of my life, pollution is a word which I rarely paid attention to. However, after spending the past few months breathing in hazardous fumes, I am realising the severity of air pollution in China.

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lost in beijing #1

And with the blink of an eye, half my year abroad in Beijing has been completed and I haven’t yet written a single sentence on here.  I apologise for the silence over the past few months, I must admit, moving to the other side of the world can be slightly unsettling and it has taken me from September 2016 until March 2017, to feel comfortable and at home here. Quite pathetic really. I suppose I should explain what I am doing here, so, first, let us rewind back to the beginning.

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