india #3

After the fun and games of Bhopal, we made a quick pitstop in Bombay for a night before moving onwards to Goa the next morning. On arrival, we were greeted by ominous grey clouds which didn’t look too promising for our next 5 days. However, Goa turned out to be the most incredible experience and is probably on par with Berlin as the favourite place I’ve travelled to. The weather there wasn’t great, we’d had visions of the 5 of us racing on jet skis across the ocean but we quickly found out that all watersporting activities were closed for the monsoon season. Naively, we had associated India with constant heat and somehow missed the crucial element of the monsoons. All in all though, the weather didn’t dampen our spirits (pun intented?) and it wasn’t even that difficult to deal with, most of the time it’d rain really heavily for about half an hour and then the sunny skies would return again.

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