second semester, second year

The Digital Age is great but I must admit, it’s a shame that most of the photographs we take will remain hidden on our electronic devices, never to be seen again apart from those odd, nostalgic moments when we sit and scroll aimlessly. Of course, I (and everyone else) will continue to use digital cameras and phones but I am partial to going old skool, splashing out on a disposible camera every now and then. They remind me so much of going on school trips when I was wee child and it’s refreshing to use them up over a period of time, forget what was documented and then reminisce over all your previous antics.

It really is astonishing how quickly time flies by. Currently, I’m back at home for a week or so, revising for the exams which I’ll face on my return back to Edinburgh. Obviously the revision isn’t going too well as I’ve found myself back on WordPress procrastinating… But anyway, I recently had my disposable developed and thought it’d be fun to share a few photos which document the saga which has been the second semester of my second year at university.

M and me at our friend’s 21st
The strangest bunch I know- the flatmates
Burn’s Night
Sunny Edinburgh from the top of Arthur’s Seat



Greyfriars Bobby in the background- you rub his nose for luck
Rouen, France
Late night table tennis in Paris
F and J at Stravinsky’s Fountain, Paris
Pablo Escobar makes an appearance

Hope this wasn’t too boring for everyone else reading this- is it narcissistic of me to document the mundane activities of my life? Who knows.

Speak soon,

Betty x


Any comments, queries or criticisms?

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