Ah, I must admit I have been rather slack with this blog lately and this post is long overdue! All the way back in February, J and I flew from Edinburgh to Paris to be reunited with our wonderful ex-flatmate and Edinburgh exchange student, L, who calls Rouen, Normandy, her home. Over a few days the three of us indulged in far too much cheese and spent an alarming amount of time in front of L’s fireplace, catching up on all that has happened since we parted ways last  June.

J and I at Étretat

On one of these days, we took a road trip to the beautiful and quaint seaside town of Étretat. Although the weather could definitely have been slightly better, we were not deterred and continued to climb to the top of the cliffs, warming up post-hike with hot chocolate and crepes. Coming from the West Country, I must admit that the views in Normandy were astonishingly similar to those in England.

Normandy or the Jurassic Coast?

Our days in Rouen were full of wonderful food and conversation but the days passed by and not before long, we said ‘bisous’ to L and left for a final night in the capital. Another dear friend and ex-exchange student, F, now lives in Paris and we were able to catch up over an incredible dinner of raclette and red wine. I wish I had managed to get a better picture of our food but, alas, impatience got the better of me. You get given these small hot plates at the table where you melt your slices of raclette before pouring the molten hot and gooey cheese onto your potatoes… Hungry yet?

F modelling his raclette- the cheese that dreams are made of

The next day the sun was shining and F took us on a brief trip around Montmatre, before moving onto Le Marais where we stumbled across a sweet bistro for our last meal in France. All in all we’d only had about 12 hours to spend in Paris but, nevertheless, we made the most of our time there.

View from Montmatre

I’ve been to Paris before but I must admit I’d forgotten how beautiful the city is and now that I’ve been reminded, I’m itching to return soon. Our trip was short but sweet, and it was lovely to catch up with two of our French friends. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we’re reunited again, wherever it may be in the world.

Speak soon,

Betty x

J and I in Le Marais





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