summer #1

Summer has well and truly begun and, so far, it has been pretty darn good. With school done and dusted, we all have one last summer before packing up and starting the next chapter. Somehow it’s already been over a month since my final exam so let’s have a little catch up…

#1 Glastonbury

Along with 4 of my favourite people, we set off towards Worthy Farm at 5.30am, bright eyed and ready for the weekend. After hitch-hiking to the actual festival and dragging our mountain of unnecessary shit towards Pennard Hill, we soon hit our first obstacle when we discovered that our tent was broken. Luckily, double sided sticky tape is surprisingly strong so despite the fluctuating weather conditions, our tent stood (relatively) stable throughout the festival.

Over the weekend I caught sets from a ton of artists but my two highlights had to be MGMT and Kasabian. H and I waited at the barrier of the John Peel stage for a good 6 hours and, luckily, it was worth it. Although it was a relatively short set, it was the best MGMT gig I’ve ever been to and you can see us dancing at the beginning of ‘Electric Feel’ on the BBC coverage if anyone’s interested. I’ve never particularly been a massive Kasabian fan but I am so grateful that the others made me go because the set was absolutely insane and it was the best possible way to end the weekend. The crowd was amazing and the whole thing blew my mind, it even persuaded me to get tickets for their tour later this year.

The whole festival was amazing and it really is as massive as people say, there is no way you can see all of it in one weekend- we probably only saw about half of it, if that! I think that everyone should experience Glastonbury at least once in your life and I’m not entirely sure what I’ll end up doing if I don’t get tickets next year…

L, S, A, B, H

#2 Leavers’ Ball

A very last minute decision but I’m so pleased that I ended up going. L persuaded me to go the day before so we ended up spending the afternoon of prom frantically searching for a decent dress. It turned out to be a decent night and was a good way to end our time at school.

B, K, J, R, T

Just got back from Tuscany yesterday so expect a post on that very shortly. For now though, that’s it!

Talk soon,

Betty x


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